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Secuity Policy

    In order to protect related information assets of this institution, including the safety of material environment, data and information, to avoid running the risks of betrayal of confidential information, sabotage or loss by external threats or improper management of internal staff, this policy is specially set up as follows to be abided by the entire staff:

    1. Protect the safety of information assets of this institution, including staff, equipment, systems, information, data and networks. In conformity with related laws and regulations, apply appropriate protection measures to ensure the confidentiality, usability and integrity of the information assets of this institution.
    2. Evaluate the influences of man-made or artificial disasters on this institution. Set up precaution countermeasures and disaster restoration plans for important information assets and key duties.
    3. Supervise the implementation of information safety duties by staff members of this institution. Establish the notion of "information safety is everybody's responsibility". Conduct appropriate information safety related regulations to enhance information safety consciousness.
    4. Any staff member who violates related regulations of information safety will be investigated according to related regulations regarding the rewards and punishments of this institution.
    5. Set up information management system.
    6. Ensure information system safety.